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To optimize your service process, x4 Asset Performance Platform provides you with a ticket management system. This consists of:

  • Ticker creation directly in the platform, via QR code or directly from the machine.

  • Ticket board in Kanban style to keep the overview.

  • Assignment of tickets to the responsible user

  • Archiving of solved tickets as knowledge base.

  • Email notification when tickets are assigned.


The board provides a Kanban-style view of the tickets, i.e. with 3 columns for Open tickets, Tickets in progress and Closed tickets.

You can move the tickets in the columns using drag'n drop. In addition to sorting the columns (on the left in the header), a filter for the tickets (on the right in the header) is also available.

Ticket detail view

In the detailed view of the tickets, all contents of the ticket are displayed to them. This includes:

  • Title and description of the ticket

  • Status, priority and creation date

  • Reporter and asignee of the ticket

  • Assigned customer and asset

  • Solution description, if the ticket is a closed ticket.

  • Attachment and chat function

You can also add to the ticket later by calling up the editing function via the "Edit" button.


Attachments can be added to the ticket. If there are additional helpful documents or records related to the reported error, they can be attached directly to the ticket here.


The comment function makes it possible to conduct a chat based on the ticket. This keeps the communication directly on the ticket.

Email Notifications

When new tickets are created or a ticket is assigned to a specific user an email notification is send out. For assining a ticket the assigned user is getting the email immediately.

For every customer the group admin can specifiy an email address of the service team which will be informed about new tickets.

  • When a new critical ticket is created an email is send out immediately.

  • Major and Minor tickets are collected over 15min and a summary email will be send afterwards.

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