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logicline assets360 modules are used to build applications and complete solutions that are customizable and specific to our customer’s unique workflows and cases. The underlying architecture and open standards enable logicline assets360 to create an application family for a comprehensive overview of the installed base. These components include infrastructure modules, asset connectivity modules, IIoT platform building blocks, analytics applications, mobile apps and middleware. The components are partly immediately usable, partly templates that must be configured. Platforms available on the market for Cloud, IoT Connectivity (such as Cumolocity and Heroku) are used. The solution provides connectivity both on-premise and on the cloud.

A deliberate modular building block approach allows flexibility for the customers to pick and choose modules that create value for them and are offered seamlessly through easy API based integration. logicline assets360 is designed to enable easy start-up and rapid implementation for IoT applications and comparable products.

We offer customers the option to choose from our various modules to build custom applications for their specific workflows and requirements. Customers can also instead choose and customize from our range of prebuilt applications and solutions.

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