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assets360 Connector Modules

In this section you can read more about our Connector Modules. Our Connector Modules help keep our system open and allow us to connect to and leverage various third party systems or platforms. Our Connector Modules are built using our Integration Layer (more information here). 

If you would like to integrate with third-party system not mentioned below, please contact us on to learn more about how we can create custom connectors for our customers.

Connector Modules



Standard Connectors

  • Wide range of standard connectors for integrating standard software systems such as:
    • SAP
    • Salesforce
  • Connect all your relevant information handled in different enterprise systems 
  • Break data silos for transparency

Live Data Connectors

  • Retrieve data directly from the devices, gateway or third-party device clouds including:
    • PLCs, SCADAs, HMIs
    • Edge gateways such as X500, Verlinked, MB Connect
    • IoT clouds such as Cumulocity
  • Manage heterogeneous sources of data
  • Handle various protocols (MQTT, OPC-UA)
  • Automate machine data flows
  • Use IoT data for use cases such as analytics, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Empolis Service Express Cloud Connector

  • Integrate with Empolis Service Express Cloud to search documents associated with individual assets
  • Integrated search function allows stored documents to be searched for keywords
  • The search feature allows information in the stored documents to be easily found
  • The search results are highlighted and can be selected based on relevance
  • Cases can be resolved faster with quick access to the right information

EPLAN Connector

  • Integrate with EPLAN to access CAD designs and documentation of your automation projects
  • Import the asset hierarchy directly from EPLAN
  • Easy access to stored EPLAN documentation and circuit diagram projects

TriCAT Connector

  • Training from TriCAT can be offered, scheduled and managed by machine builders:
    • Purchase of training license from TriCAT
    • Assignment (or revocation) of one or multiple licenses to a user
    • Identify training assigned to user
    • Authorization and access management via token validation
    • Storing of training results with a token (to record which user has completed the training)
  • Connection to a virtual training environment to mimic real-life shop-floor environments
  • Machine builders can offer and manage training to their customers
  • Administrative overview (e.g. which users completed the training, how many training per customer were utilized etc.)

Oculavis Connector

  • The Oculavis Connector supports the scheduling of remote video/voice support on the Oculavis platform:
    • Scheduling of remote support by the customer
    • Acceptance, rejection or alternative schedule proposal by machine builder
    • Saving of call details to tickets and assets in the Installed Base Manager and Service Ticket Manager
  • Remote video or voice support with customers
  • Reduce travel time and costly onsite support
  • Save all call information (comments, attachments, call logs) to the ticket, asset and customer for  reference, audit or billing purposes
machine360 for Salesforce Connector
  • Connect the IoT Domain with the Salesforce world
  • Enrich the asset object in Salesforce
  • Synchronize tickets with Cases in Salesforce
  • Custom device-asset mapping to bring device attributes from the backend into Salesforce
  • Easy access to both asset and customer information for a 360-degree view
  • Use insights into your machines to manage service and sales opportunities
  • Leverage machine and IoT data to reduce service costs, capture opportunities and improve customer loyalty
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