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Best Practices

What are the best practices for CleverReach and Salesforce?

Usage of Salesforce Campaigns

This article on the effective use of Salesforce campaigns is worth reading:

Instructions on how to implement campaigns can be found on the web at

Newsletter recipients

How is the group of recipients mapped for regular newsletters: in a recipient list (= a Salesforce campaign) or in individual (= multiple campaigns)?

The strength of the CleverReach integration architecture is that you connect the CleverReach email list to Salesforce campaigns. This means that there is a Salesforce campaign for every newsletter, which contains/sychronizes all email reports from CleverReach.

Newsletter - Unsubscribes, Bounces, Blacklist

How do we handle unsubscribes? Do unsubscribes refer to the single newsletters or to all recipient lists?

Since a Salesforce campaign corresponds to a recipient/newsletter list, the recipient can unsubscribe from a campaign only.

How can be made sure that a contact who unsubscribed in an email won't be written to again?

Ideally through a corresponding field / flag in the contact or lead.

What about "bounced" recipients, will these turn red (i.e. inactive) in CleverReach?

Bounced recipients are visible in Salesforce in the campaign with the CleverReach status "bounced".

How does the blacklist work?

There are two options: blacklist per campaign and CleverReach-wide blacklist. You can put a member on the blacklist either for single campaigns or for CleverReach in general. In the case of CleverReach-wide, the recipient is blocked for all campaigns in this CleverReach account. In the case of a single campaign blacklist, the member is blocked from receiving e-mails on this particular campaign.

Information in Salesforce

Is it possible to view sent newsletters in Salesforce from the contact or in the campaign?

On the lead/contact is a related list CR Email Histories, where you can see which newsletters have been sent, opened, clicked and unsubscribed for the particular contact.

On the campaign is a related list CleverReach Emails, where you can see which newsletter have been sent to the members of this campaign. When opening one of these, you can see detailed information on this email, like click, open, unsubscribe and bounce rates, recipients and the content of the email.

Can data regarding email tracking (link clicks, opening rates etc.) be viewed individually for each recipient and transferred to the campaign member in Salesforce?

The data are visible through e-mail reports in Salesforce.


Does the synchronization affect the campaign member status and if so, how is it changed?

The synchronization happens from CleverReach to Salesforce. If you change the status in Salesforce, it won't appear in CleverReach. Unless you have a field in CleverReach that you mapped and update with Salesforce information.

Can I initiate a sync from CleverReach to Salesforce?

Yes, but only manually, as we generally assume that Salesforce is the master.

How can we get the dispatch date of the email from CleverReach to Salesforce?

This will be saved in Salesforce through the synchronization.

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