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assets360 Modules Overview

In addition, to complete solutions, we also offer various Infrastructure, Connector, and Application modules. The Infrastructure modules provide the platform building blocks needed to create application modules and solutions. Our Connector modules help keep our system open and allow us to connect to and leverage various third-party systems or platforms. The Application modules implement the core business logic for a particular service or use case. The Application modules use various Infrastructure modules or Connector modules and can also be integrated with other Application modules.

Infrastructure Modules

More information about our Infrastructure Modules can be found here.

  1. User Management
  2. Dashboard 
  3. Integration Layer
  4. Notifications
  5. Data Lake
  6. Asset Administration Shell 
  7. Device Management
  8. Edge Essential

Application Modules

More information about our Application Modules can be found here.

  1. Machine File
  2. Mobile Companion App
  3. Document Management 
  4. Service Book (Ticket Management)
  5. Service Milestones 
  6. Live Data
  7. Alerts
  8. KPI App
  9. Spare Parts Shop
  10. App Marketplace
  11. Analytics Service
  12. Industrial Analytics
  13. Remote Support
  14. Virtual and Online Training
  15. Chatbot

Connector Modules

More information about our Connector Modules can be found here.

  1. Standard Connectors
  2. Live Data Connectors 
  3. Empolis Service Express Cloud Connector
  4. EPLAN Connector
  5. TriCAT Connector
  6. Oculavis Connector
  7. Salesforce Connector (machine360 for Salesforce)
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