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CleverReach Configuration

Step 1: Allow external access to your REST API

  1. Log into your CleverReach Account:
  2. Go to Account | User
  3. Click on Edit
  4. Check the REST API box

 Step 2: Check user data

Caution: If no data is entered, the REST API cannot be used.

  1. Go to Account | Settings | Your Data
  2. Check all fields and enter your data


 Step 3: Create an OAuth App with API 3

  1. Choose Extras | REST API
  2. Click on Create OAuth
  3. Enter the following in the tab:

App Name: Salesforce (CR API v3)
Redirect URL: *
APP image: not required
REST API version: Version 3
Select all checkboxes

4. Open your new OAuth APP and leave the window open. 

Now open in a new tab your Salesforce Org with the installation of the CleverReach App.

The next steps can be found here:  Salesforce Configuration

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