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Discontinuation of the Cleverreach for Salesforce App

Next Steps

The deactivation of the app is done by us. You can:


After December 31, 2023, all licenses will expire automatically and will not be renewed. After that, the app is no longer visible in your Salesforce.

Data backup

Since the app's components are no longer available/visible in Salesforce after the license expires, they can no longer be accessed via the interface either. However, as long as the app is still installed, the data can be backed up via Salesforce's data export. To do this, you can export all or only specific objects under Setup → Data → Data export (or quick search: Data export). In addition to the standard objects campaign and campaign member, you need to select the objects that are prefixed with CleverReachApp:

In addition, the data can be backed up during uninstallation and made available for download for 48 hours:

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